inkstain: (Default)
2012-01-22 07:03 pm


New journal for the win, and with a username that I really really love. Pondering changing my username on Glitch to the same thing, as it's available. Something to think on.

So today, I watched the first episode of BBC's Sherlock, and I've fallen in love. It's simply amazing, and I have to resist the urge to simply roll around in it happily. Ah, so happy.

Nothing much of consequence to say. It's been a quiet day, and I'm fighting a bit of a headache whilst waiting for tags to come through in Musings. Sad to know that the game is coming to a close here in the coming months, though I'm also excited for the new project the mods are putting out there next month. And then there's Marchen, which I need to finish my app for. We shall see how that pans out.